Proven track record in the courtroom

Mediation / Arbitration

Bringing 24+ years experience as a litigator, Attorney Kaminsky is adept in a diversity of cases - including construction defect and contracts, personal injury, real estate, and divorce, providing a depth of neutral insight for compromise.

Family Law

We understands the family dynamic and the way judges often view child custody situations.

Criminal Defense

To be successful, an experienced defense attorney truly understands people and why they do what they do.  Only then will you know how evidence presents to a jury.


Timely response is a top priority

Daniel Kaminsky is a private practicing attorney located in Southeast Wisconsin.  In business since 1998, he is licensed in both Wisconsin and California.  He now handles criminal defensefamily lawpersonal injuryconstruction defect, contract, real estate, business, and general civil litigation cases.  If you have a legal question, call Kaminsky first.

Daniel Kaminsky has a wide scope of experience and proven track record in the courtroom.  Few others can match his trial success; Kaminsky has proven himself in court over and over, with successful verdicts in murder and other serious criminal trials, to winning civil cases such as personal injury, contract, construction defect, and real estate.

Daniel Kaminsky has previously served as a District Attorney prosecuting criminal cases, learning the system from the inside out.  He has also served as an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau.

Daniel Kaminsky strives to offer his clients the utmost in personalized representation. His communication with you is direct; he makes timely response and availability to clients a top priority. Knowing you have one of the best trial advocates on your side is not only comforting if you have to go to court, it is often the best way to avoid it.

Hiring an attorney is an extremely personal decision.

Clients should feel comfortable with their attorney and confident that their attorney is working to solve their legal problem, not become a part of it. When it comes to hiring an attorney, you should always call Kaminsky first.