PUBLISHED: Murder conspiracy implodes in court

In an article titled: "Murder conspiracy implodes in court MURDER-FOR-HIRE THEORY CRUMBLES THANKS TO MINNESOTA INFORMANT, CELL TOWER LOGS", John Ferak, an investigative reporter for Gannett Wisconsin Media, wrote:

Dan Kaminsky, the Fond du Lac lawyer defending Dianna Siveny, told the judge, "They admitted they talked to Joe Primeau. We only learned about it from our own investigation, not from any reports. Their answer to where's the interview notes, recording or police report for Joe Primeau? We talked to him. We didn't make a report."


Additionally, a woman in St. Paul, Michele Irmen, told investigators she moved into Kandi Siveny's house in St. Paul three days before the murder.


Kaminsky: "You never asked her if Kandi was there with her in Minnesota on Burr Street during the relevant times of October 17 and 18th, did you?"


Hammen: "Nope."


Kaminsky: "Never did. Didn't want to know?"


Hammen: "If it's not there, no."


Hammen considered Campbell's February 2013 incriminating statement his agency's "big break" in the six-year-long unsolved murder case.


Kaminsky: "And you never at any time .... went back and attempted in any way to interview any of the witnesses who were on the other end of the phone line with Kandi Siveny's phone to find out who they claim they were talking to?"

"Stunned with the glaring holes"

Kandi Siveny's defense lawyer, Dan Sanders of Milwaukee, said it was apparent to him and Kaminsky that Outagamie County detectives were way over their head on the Plamann murder probe and their work was marred by numerous investigative shortcuts and glaring gaps. Time and time again, the key detectives failed to use basic common sense, Sanders said. He has more than 20 years experience as a federal and state criminal prosecutor. Kaminsky previously was the district attorney in Fond du Lac County.

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