STATE OF WISCONSIN, Plaintiff, vs. DIANNA M. SIVENY, Case No. 2013CF000104


This is not the State’s first motion to dismiss. The defense has objected and had to file numerous motions with this court over discovery violations, speedy trial demands and violations, and problems with witnesses and evidence. Defendant has either been held in pre-trial confinement, or released on bond with GPS, daily check ins, and significant travel restrictions. She has had this case looming for years, and been told by the lead detective that he is going to incarcerate her one year at a time if he has to. This is also not the first time the substantial battery charge has been filed and dismissed. Only after obtaining a bail jumping conviction for mother-daughter contact did the state dismiss the last round of charges. The State then refiled the current charges and kept Siveny in pre-trial confinement for 14 months before this court was forced to let her go for the State’s Speedy Trial and Brady violations.

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When Dianna Siveny was falsely accused of murder she couldn’t believe it. Dianna not only lost her life partner, her life as she knew it was torn from her. She lost her adopted family who were convinced by authorities that she was involved with Lara Plamann’s death. With no prior criminal record she lost her freedom, her reputation, and her life savings. Imagine being treated like a criminal everywhere you go, but having done nothing wrong. In the world of public opinion, there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty.

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