May 17, 2024, Fond du Lac, WI.  At 7:00 p.m. after a four-day Jury trial, a Fond du Lac jury found Jason J. Norton of Detroit, Not Guilty of Conspiracy to Deliver Methamphetamine greater than 50g, a class C felony.  Norton had faced up to 25 years initial confinement and a total maximum sentence of up to 40 years in state prison.


On Tuesday, February 19, 2019, a Fond du Lac woman named Teri Peachy, aka Teri Wiskow, aka Teri Seaton, who had worked at Tails aWaggin dog groomers for approximately 5 years, posted a video in which she claimed a dog was mistreated at the business by owner Chris Lapine. This video has spawned wild and false accusations as well as a police investigation.

Appeal No. 2014AP2844 STATE OF WISCONSIN





In an article titled: "Murder conspiracy implodes in court MURDER-FOR-HIRE THEORY CRUMBLES THANKS TO MINNESOTA INFORMANT, CELL TOWER LOGS", John Ferak, an investigative reporter for Gannett Wisconsin Media, wrote:

Dan Kaminsky, the Fond du Lac lawyer defending Dianna Siveny, told the judge, "They admitted they talked to Joe Primeau. We only learned about it from our own investigation, not from any reports. Their answer to where's the interview notes, recording or police report for Joe Primeau? We talked to him. We didn't make a report."


Additionally, a woman in St. Paul, Michele Irmen, told investigators she moved into Kandi Siveny's house in St. Paul three days before the murder.

In an article titled: "The unraveling of a murder case. EIGHT YEARS AFTER LARA PLAMANN WAS SHOT TO DEATH, HER KILLER REMAINS FREE.", John Ferak, an investigative reporter for Gannett Wisconsin Media, wrote:

"The tragedy of this case is that a murderer remains at large and will likely never be charged," Daniel Kaminsky, the defense lawyer for Dianna Siveny, said in a statement he issued after the charge was dismissed earlier this year. Kaminsky previously served as Fond du Lac County's District Attorney. "The failure to properly investigate this case has left the victim's family and her partner without justice."



STATE OF WISCONSIN, Plaintiff, vs. DIANNA M. SIVENY, Case No. 2013CF000104


This is not the State’s first motion to dismiss. The defense has objected and had to file numerous motions with this court over discovery violations, speedy trial demands and violations, and problems with witnesses and evidence. Defendant has either been held in pre-trial confinement, or released on bond with GPS, daily check ins, and significant travel restrictions. She has had this case looming for years, and been told by the lead detective that he is going to incarcerate her one year at a time if he has to. This is also not the first time the substantial battery charge has been filed and dismissed. Only after obtaining a bail jumping conviction for mother-daughter contact did the state dismiss the last round of charges. The State then refiled the current charges and kept Siveny in pre-trial confinement for 14 months before this court was forced to let her go for the State’s Speedy Trial and Brady violations.

When Dianna Siveny was falsely accused of murder she couldn’t believe it. Dianna not only lost her life partner, her life as she knew it was torn from her. She lost her adopted family who were convinced by authorities that she was involved with Lara Plamann’s death. With no prior criminal record she lost her freedom, her reputation, and her life savings. Imagine being treated like a criminal everywhere you go, but having done nothing wrong. In the world of public opinion, there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty.

CASE: Mother, daughter accused in murder to be released

FOX 11 spoke with Dianna Siveny’s defense attorney Wednesday afternoon.

“No, there’s no advantage at all. We were at a disadvantage in that we were not provided information that we are constitutionally required to have in order to have just a basic, fair trial,” said Dan Kaminsky. “All we’re trying to do is level the playing field to ensure that we get a fair trial. As of yet we still haven’t received all of the information. The judge has ordered it. We expect to receive it. If we receive all of the information then we are at least able to have a fair trial.”

Pain and Suffering

Being injured in an accident can be a life changing event.  And I’m not just talking about serious injuries involving loss of life or limb; even what seems like a run of the mill accident can affect you for years. 

Get a Speeding Ticket?

What Should you Do…

Traffic Tickets are a fact of life.  Eventually, almost everyone gets a ticket.  It might be for speeding, it might be for crossing the center line.  Different tickets carry different fines and costs as well as a different amount of points against your driver’s license.  It is also different if you get your ticket in a municipality vs. the county, such as within the City of Fond du Lac as opposed to an unincorporated area of Fond du Lac County.

Why You Can't Always Believe What You Read - Complaint Dismissed

Dan Kaminsky, Former District Attorney, has been informed that a complaint filed against him over what has been dubbed “the airplane case” was formally dismissed.

This is yet another example of politics taking precedence over justice, and politicians purposely giving bad information to citizens who have little choice but to trust them.

DA to Defense: The Criminal Justice System Inside Out

As a former District Attorney, one of the most common things people ask me is how can I defend someone, especially if they are accused of a serious crime. Many people can’t understand the transition from having been the prosecutor to now defending those accused of a crime. And as the District Attorney, I was not only responsible for my own criminal prosecutions, but for supervising the other attorneys in the office.

Are You Liable If Your Dog Bites Someone?

In several areas of personal injury law, more generally under the category of tort law, Wisconsin differs from many other states.  A prime example is the general rule of strict liability for dog bites.

Wisconsin Statute section 174.02 states “the owner of a dog is liable for the full amount of damages caused by the dog injuring or causing injury to a person, domestic animal or property.”

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