Areas of Practice

Having been both a defense attorney and a prosecutor, including three successful first degree murder trials, Mr. Kaminsky has seen both sides of the coin. He knows the thought process behind criminal prosecutions and investigations. He has handled hundreds of criminal hearings. He will provide an honest and forthright opinion on your case and devise the best strategy possible. In addition, Mr. Kaminsky holds a bachelor’s of science in biology, and has significant experience understanding issues surrounding DNA and other scientific evidence in the courtroom.

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Mr. Kaminsky has 9 years of general divorce practice as well as an additional five years of work in CHIPS and child custody matters.

Having two young children of his own, Kaminsky understands the family dynamic and the way judges often view child custody situations.  Kaminsky has had the opportunity to witness court rulings in hundreds of child custody matters, whether in a divorce or a CHIPS case.  Knowing what to work for is half the battle.

Mr. Kaminsky has helped small businesses and individuals alike. Whether it is a disputed debt, an eviction, or a fraud claim in the sale of property, having an attorney who knows how to handle depositions, conduct proper discovery, and truly investigate evidence is paramount. If you have a legal problem, contact Mr. Kaminsky first.

Mr. Kaminsky has tried personaly injury claims, criminal defense and prosecutions, divorce cases, fraud and breach of contract in real estate, construction defect cases, non-dischargeability of debts in bankruptcty, and recovery of converted prersonal property cases. 

Mr. Kaminsky has represented flooring retailers and installers, painters, and roofing companies. Public works and private works.

Review of contracts, breach of contract disputes, fraud claims, and challenging real property tax assessments. If you believe your township or municipality is overcharging you for your real property taxes, please contact Mr. Kaminsky to discuss your options.